Let us introduce the smallest member of the Nettel family - the Nettel Mini.

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Some days perch fishing can be incredibly easy. Those days it might seem like they would eat basically anything. And then there are those other days... You know you're fishing good spots, you see them on the sonar, you try all your favorite baits, might get a small nibble in the paddle but you just can't crack the code. Well, now at least you have one more tool in your tackle box - the Nettel Mini.

While most perch softbaits aim to imitate baitfish such as roach, minnow or bleak, this one has a completely different profile and movement. Depending on the type of water you're fishing, this one can instead look like other kinds of food sources such as goby, sculpin, burbot, eelpout or small eels - who are all highly appreciated meals for big perch and other predatory fish. 

The slim tail and pectoral fins creates subtle vibrations and moves easily in the drop and no matter how slow you retrieve it. Should definitely be brought during cold days or just as a back up when all else fails. During the test fishing early spring 2019, this one produced awesome results both for Tobias, Pontus and Mille and we're sure we're going to see many more big perch tricked by this one.

Perfect for 3/0 hooks. Can be fished both on a traditional jig head, weedless rigged, on a dropshot rig and with most other techniques.

Comes in 6 pack. Available in Kiwi Bite, Fire Craw, Motoroil, Limetreuse, Frozen and Arkansas Shiner. Design by Björn Nettelbladt.

6 gr. 11 cm with tail stretched out.