Monkey Rib 9cm - Kiwi (Bulk Recycle)


All these lures are made by recycle plastic!

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These Lures are made based on rubber you recycled with us in the project ” Turn your trash in to cash". This pilot project was conducted at the sportfishing fair in Stockholm. We also heard your request to enable lures to be sold in pcs instead of larger bags. So here we go! You may now buy this bulk batches on a piece by piece basis. We hope you like this treat!

Good job and thanks for recycling with us.

The Monkey Rib is another new softbait in the M-WAR ”Standard Series”. We simply wanted something with a bigger profile and more movement that would be easier for the fish to find - ideal for muddy waters, dark conditions or simply when the fish are really active.

The wide profile, ribbed body and big, yet slim paddle, gives this jig an aggressive swimming action that makes this a perfect compliment to the Monkey Shad which has a much more subtle profile and swimming action.

9 cm, 6 gr. Comes in 1-pack. 

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All these lures are made by recycle plastic!