Berkley DEX Stunna 11cm, 14g, Plus1 (Deep)



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The DEX Stunna’s deep diving brother is the perfect choice when you need to go down deep! With a diving depth between 1.8 m-3.0 m the DEX Stunna Plus1 performs great for those slow winter fish. Also displaying eye-catching, crisp darting action when jerked or twitched.

The length and weight are identical to the DEX Stunna and the tungsten weight transfer system brings far away and compact spots within arm’s reach. Try and  make the most out of it’s slow fall and attractive shimmy on the pause to bring in those monster fish!

• Maximum darting action
• 180-degree head turns and side flash when jerked
• Dual brass weights
• Tungsten weight transfer system
• Fusion19 EWG trebles
• Super slow fall rate of 30 cm per 8 seconds

1.8-3.0 meters.

Length 11-12 cm
Weight 11-15 gr
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