Gator GUMBAIT Explorer 8'1" - 140 gr (2-piece)



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One of the most sensitive casting canon on the market for tough pike fishing for bait up to 140g!

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What is this?
Really lightweight blade and Typhoon Stainless guides, you get one of the most sensitive pike rods on the market for tough pike fishing.
Gator Gumbait is a new 8'1” rod produced by Alexander "LeechZilla” Lexén. This rod is designed with stealth and and a touch of custom built. With the super-light blade and Typhoon Stainless guides gives you optimal contact with the bait in the water with a really strong backbone for easily put the hooks into the big crocodiles that you fooled. The rod is specially designed for jig fishing, tail fishing, lighter wobbler / crank / jerk fishing.
Rods are delivered in a cool sock to protect your rod during transport and all parts are salt water resistant.
2-piece, rod weight is 235gr

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