Gunki Kraken 65 F Blue Gill GB

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The Perch live dangerous when this hit the water!

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What is this?

Buoyant crankbaits that are perfect for fishing in the snaggiest of swims. Kraken lures displace loads of water thanks to their chunky body shape and this coupled with their frenetic wobble and roll action (from the square bib) mean fish just can’t miss them!

They cast well and dive to about 1 metre. Weighing in at 9.6g and 14.6g these lures work best when wound back hard. Predators simply can’t resist!

Action: Wobn'roll
Model: Floating
Depth: 1 m
Weight: 9,6 gr
Length: 5,5 cm

Length 6-7 cm
Weight 6-10 gr