#LMAB Drunk Dancer 23 cm

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This lure has it all - strong action even at slow retrieval speed, top-notch designs, balanced rubber mixture, and a groove in the head for the perfect presentation on the jig head, making the Drunk Dancer an absolute weapon for all sorts of predatory fish.

On the jig head, the Drunk Dancer can be jigged over the bottom like a regular rubber lure to primarily attract pikeperch and perch. Thanks to the special groove in the front part of the soft bait, the round lead head almost merges with the Drunk Dancer, fitting not only snugly but also creating a more natural presentation! However, this double-tailed twister also works well on an offset hook, especially in weedy sections of water or in shallow areas where the lure can be used for targeted pike fishing without constantly collecting debris.

The 3D pectoral fins and inserted eyes, combined with the appealing designs, truly stand out and also impress visually across the board.

Length 23-25 cm
Weight 61-80 gr

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