Monkey Brute 12 cm - 5-pack


99 kr

New size of the Monkey Brute, made for zander fishing!

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What is this?

Rig it on a size 5/0 jighead.

Introducing the new 12,5cm size of Monkey Brute, primarily developed for Zander spinnfishing. It brings new possibilities when hunting for the Zander. However, don't be hesitant to use it as a downsized pike jig, as its irresistible action is bound to attract any predator lurking beneath the water's surface. Even the most elusive predators will find it hard to resist.

Monkey Brute is an innovative fishing lure that has been carefully developed by Edvin Johansson. It is specifically designed to be paired with super lightweight jigheads/rigs, ensuring seductive movement at any speed, high or low. With its slender body and uniqe shaped paddle, the Monkey Brute will have a great swimming action in both slow-motion scenarios and rapid, high-speed situations.

12,5cm and comes in 5-pack. 

Length 11-12 cm
Weight 11-15 gr
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New size of the Monkey Brute, made for zander fishing!