Shimano Bantam BT World Diver 99SP FB 9,9cm, 16g



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What is this?

The Bantam World Diver 99SP suspending minnow comes packed with the latest Shimano lure technologies making it the ultimate deep-diving minnow.

Featuring Flash Boost and Scale Boost for visual attraction and Jet Boost for long range casting performance and accuracy, it’s a great lure for covering a large amount of water using stop and go techniques.You can work the Bantam World Diver 99SP down to a depth of 2 metres or more with a reasonably fast retrieve or powerful sweep of the rod, enabling you to cover more of the water column.

And when paused, the suspending nature of this long casting model holds station, gently pulsating light reflection from the Flash Boost technology. To further enhance the visual effect, the Scale Boost holographic pattern accurately mimics that of a bait fish. To enable you to cover more water, the addition of Jet Boost technology increases casting distance and accuracy, especially in windy conditions.The World Diver is a great lure when faced with a large amount of open water in front of you.

9,9cm, 16gr


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