Tobias Perch Bundle 2 Jigs (Team Galant)

  • Flatnose Mini - Pear Drop (price: $13.21)
  • Flatnose Mini - Galaxy (price: $13.21)
  • Berkley Pulse Realistic Roach 7cm - Bleak (price: $1.81)
  • Monkey Rib - Forest Green (price: $8.46)
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Some days perch fishing can be incredibly easy. Those days it might seem like they would eat basically anything. And then there are those other days... You know you're fishing good spots, you see them on the sonar, you try all your favorite baits, might get a small nibble in the paddle but you just can't crack the code. 

This bundle includes:

10x Flatnose Mini - Pear Drop
10x Flatnose Mini - Galaxy
10 Monkey Rib - Forest Green
1x  Berkley Pulse Realistic Roach 7cm - Bleak