Bullseye Milfhunter Baitcasting 260, 60-320gr

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Made for heavy duty pike fishing!

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Qu'est-ce que c'est?

The Bullseye Milfhunter 260 60-320g rod is a powerful fishing machine for fishing with really heavy baits to catch the ultimate big mama pike.

The tight and incredibly powerful blank is ideal for bringing bait 20+ over long distances. A perfect hook setting, the casting of heavy baits and a very direct transmission were the cornerstones of our specifications.

The main discipline of the Milfhunter 260 60-320g is fishing with large rubber fish and swimbaits. In addition, MEGA jerkbaits and large wobblers can also be perfectly cast or guided with it.

With this rod, too, we strived for the absolute optimum in the development and testing phase. Many details have been adapted for absolute practical suitability!

If the ultimate boss is stuck here, it has really bad cards!

Casting Weight: 60-320g
Weight: 269g
Transport Length: 138cm
Characteristic: Slow
Power Factor: 4,32
Reel Seat: Fuji VSS 16

Rod length 8' (243 - 274cm)
Casting weight (up to) 200gr +