Dragon Tails - 3 pack, XXL - Copper

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Really cool new version of the Wiggle Tail that will take your fies to a whole new level - the "Dragon Tail".

Den här produkten ger dig 110 fishcoins nu!
Vad är detta?

Combining the lifelike action of a pulsating fly with the seductive movement of a Wiggle or Dragon Tail is proven to be a deadly combo that will help you catch any predatory fish.

The Dragon Tail is a new version of the Wiggle Tail designed by Paolo Pacchiarini that has a totally awesome movement in the water. It starts moving at extremely slow speeds and creates massive reflections and vibrations in the water. The test fishing hasn't made us dissapointed either...

Click here to watch the Dragon Tail in action under water!

The Dragon Tail comes "unrigged" and we recommend tying them on a "Snap for Tail" which allows you to change tail on your flies very quickly. If you like you can of course also tie them directly on the hook of your fly. Or why not replace the paddle on a jig with a Dragon Tail?

M is great for perch, trout and smaller flies while L, XL and XXL are ideal for pike, muskie etcetera.

Comes in 3 pack.

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