ICROSS 1610 Fisherman/Hunter

Icross Fly Fishing


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A really cool mix between a kayak and float tube, designed in Sweden.

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Suitable areas of use are: fishing kayaks, beaver hunting, seabird hunting. Incredibly smooth and stable shooting platform.

Icross 1610 is equipped with two holders on each side for attachment of paddle.

Seat mounting brackets.

Centered strap for easier transport.

Flexible brackets for drybag or the like.

8pcs D-rings on top, to attach a kayak chair or similar (sold separately).

4 D-rings on the bottom to attach harness (harness sold separately)

1st D-ring in front.

1st D-ring at the back.

Flexible strap for easy locking of up to three rods.

Weight 7.5 kg

ICROSS® 1610 is also supplied with a powerful double-acting pump, detachable fin and repair kit if the accident occurs.


The ICROSS 1061 has the same deluxe construction as our range of iSUP’s so it contains and internal drop stitch core. The term drop stitch refers to the thousands of tiny fibres that go between the top and bottom layers of the reinforced PVC layers. This fortified inner body allows for a high pressure inflation of around 18-20 PSI. Encasing the 500 denier drop stitch is a top and bottom layer of 0.5mm 1000 denier polyester plain weave laminate. This makes the hull extra strong and adds stiffness. The ICROSS 1061 has two layers of fused high density PVC surrounding the drop stitch construction. Fusing the layers of PVC is the best possible way of making an iSUP. It means that the layer cannot possibly be parted and means the board will be stronger and weigh less overall.

The ICROSS 1061 also includes four D-rings which you can use to attach one of our Standard Backrests #1051. You can see this here. It also has a UV protected graphic print. The high pressure valve creates an airtight seal from dust and water. It boasts a lockable deflation setting making stowing away quick and easy. Additionally a tri-fin cluster, with a large removable fin, gives further drive and tracking in almost any water state. This also aids to increase the manoeuvrability of the ICROSS 1061.

The ICROSS 1061 comes complete, instruction booklet, repair kit and dual action pump. The included stirrup hand pump has an integrated pressure gauge and you can switch between single and double action. When you start to get close to the high inflation pressure you can swap to single action making it easier to do. In addition to this the pump also has a deflation side to it making sure it will always store away easily.

This really is the complete package to get you started on your fly fishing ICROSS adventure.

Length: 160cm

Width: 95cm

Height: 20cm

Weight: 7.5kg

Capacity: 160kg

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Picture of ICROSS 1610 Fisherman/Hunter


ICROSS 1610 Fisherman/Hunter

Icross Fly Fishing

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A really cool mix between a kayak and float tube, designed in Sweden.