Nories Tough Bug Big 8cm Popper



Cool popper from Japanease Nories!

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The Tough Bug Big 80 by NORIES is a popper designed for any predator fish! It is well twice as heavy as its smaller brother the Tough Bug 65, allowing for long casting distances with ease. The Tough Bug is designed to hit the water as softly and quietly as possible so as not to scare away cautious fish. The weight balance in the lure allows for precise and long distance casts, both with the spinning and baitcasting combo. The popper is balanced so that even with the feathers on the tail treble it quickly gets into position to produce the most natural splash sound possible when plucked. With the NORIES Tough Bug Big 80 you can easily reach predators further out and it quickly attracts attention underwater with its larger silhouette!

8,1cm and 17,4gr

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Cool popper from Japanease Nories!

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