Perception 7'6" Jig & Baitcast & Gunki BC 200 ITC Reel


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Perfect baitcasting bundle to catch the perch with style!

  • Perception 7'6" Jig & Baitcast (price: $252.61)
  • Gunki BC 200 ITC Reel (price: $84.27)
  • Strike Wire Red Strike (price: $24.79)
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Gunki BC 200 ITC Reel

Great value for money reel that comes with a Dual Brake System spool as standard. This system uses magnetic and centrifugal braking to control casting. This gives very smooth and reliable precise casting performance. 5kg of drag power. Line retrieve 69cm/handle turn.

Spool Capacity Line: 0.28mm/ 140m
Ratio: 6.2/1
Ball Bearings: 5
Weight: 220 g
Needle Bearing: 1

BFT Perception 7'6” Jig & Baitcast 

BFT Perception is a series of rods designed for perch fishing. This one is perfect for blades and traditional jigging. This rod has fast action, weighs 96 gr and has a casting weight of 5-20 gr. Made for baitcasting reel. 

Strike Wire Red Strike

With Strike Wire Red Strike on the reel you will catch more fish! Red Strike is a superline nearly invisible to the fish. Red is the first colour to disappear underwater, approx at 4 metres. You will see red, but the fish will see nothing!

Available in 0,13mm/9kg. 


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