Edvin's Perch Bundle 1 Finesse Team Galant

  • Monkey Fry - Chartreuse (price: €7.65)
  • Monkey Vibe 8cm - Motoroil (price: €7.65)
  • Monkey Vibe 10cm - Pumpkin (price: €7.65)
  • Hooligan Roach Micro - Purple Black (price: €7.65)
  • Monkey Brute 7,5cm - Ash (price: €6.79)
  • M-WAR Baby Lobster 8cm - Slug Worm (price: €7.65)
  • M-WAR Carabus 8cm - Twisted Baitfish (price: €7.65)


This is what Edvin is using when he is fishing finesse!

This purchase will pay 1 158 fishcoins now!
What is this?

This is Edvin's finesse box, filled with smaller jigs. This ones can advantageously be used on the spring/fall/winter when it is a bit colder in the water. Monkey Fry and Moneky Vibe is perfect to use with a dropshot rig. All of these baits you can of course use with a normal jighead. 1/0 and 2/0 will fit perfect, except for the Hooligan Roach Micro, on that one we reommend a smaller jighead #1. 

Bundle includes:

16 x Monkey Fry - Chartreuse
16 x Monkey Vibe 8cm - Motoroil
16 x Monkey Vibe 10cm - Pumpkin
16 x Hooligan Roach Micro - Purple Black
14 x Monkey Brute 7,5cm - Ash
10 x M-WAR Baby Lobster 8cm - Slug Worm
10 x M-WAR Carabus 8cm - Twisted Baitfish 

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This is what Edvin is using when he is fishing finesse!