Gunki Iron-T C 240 XXH Baitcasting - 40-140 gr



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Awesome pike rod from Gunki in the "PIKE ADDICT" series. Perfect allround pike rod that handles most lures and techniques.

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What is this?

The Gunki Iron-T C 240 XXH is a perfect baitcasting allround pike rod. The length of 240 cm (7'10") and the recommended casting weight of 40-140 grams makes is perfect both for fishing with rubber lures such as the Pig Shad, Flatnose Shad and McRubber as well as fishing with jerkbaits, spinnerbaits and other hard lures.

The long handle ensures that the rod stays comfortable to fish with as it makes casting smoother and less strenuous. This is vital when casting big lures all day long!

240 cm (7'10"), 1 section blank (split handle, total length 196 cm when folded), casting weight 40-140 gr, rod weight 239 gr. 

Watch the rod in action here:

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