Shimano Aldebaran BFS Baitcasting reel HG 7.8:1



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The Aldebaran BFS is Shimano’s most advanced ultra finesse baitcasting reel. Designed for the very lightest lure fishing, this lightweight, technically brilliant reel can work with lures as light as 1g. If you are a lightweight lure specialist who likes to fish with finesse type lure, or for smaller species like trout and perch, you’ll love the Aldebaran BFS. Even anglers who have previously only used spinning reels for their ultra finesse fishing will instantly appreciate the benefits of this model.

A quick flick of the rod tip will launch the lightest lures into almost friction-free flight. And if conditions change, or you choose a different weight lure, a quick adjustment of the breaking dial means you always have the perfect brake setting. The remarkable lightweight casting performance of Aldebaran BFS is provided by the FTB (Finesse Tune Braking) system. This is a combination of magnets and centrifugal force braking which works in harmony with the ultra-light MGL III spool to control breaking. The addition of S3D spool design and SilentTune technology further enhances performance.

Adjusted by an external dial, when set in its lowest setting, brake friction is almost imperceptible. But there is much more to the Aldebaran BFS than its remarkable casting performance. Internally Micromodule Gear and X-SHIP deliver smooth, powerful, efficient winding power and the overall weight is reduced by using a HAGANE Body comprising magnesium and CI4+ materials.Light lure experts who prefer a fast retrieve will appreciate the options of 7.8:1 (HGL) or 8.9:1 (XGL) models, both of which are fitted with Shimano’s Exciting Drag Sound to enhance fish playing.

HG 7.8:1:

Weight: 130gr
Gear Ratio: 7.8:1
CM Per retrieve: 71
Bearings: 10+1
Max Drag: 3,5kg
Line capacity: 0.23mm-50m

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