Shimano Bantam BT Spin 4,5cm



New versatile bait from Shimano!

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What is this?

The Bantam BT Spin is a versatile lure which can be used both horizontally and vertically, to cover the full water column and can also be fished with a constant retrieve or with a lift, fall, stop technique. Equipped with a spinning blade at the rear, the lure vibrates aggressively during a smooth retrieve whilst the blade spins, vibrates and flashes.

When using a lift, fall, stop technique, the rear blade adds maximum attraction as the lure falls to the bottom. The front balance lets the lure ‘sit’ in the correct position when stopped, before jumping into life as movement in returned and the lure rises from the bottom.

For increased visual attraction, the use of Kyorin / SCALE BOOST 3D holographic film gives a remarkable life-like scale pattern which is especially noticeable as the lure is stopped during the retrieve.

4,5cm, 14gr

Length 1-5 cm
Weight 11-15 gr
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New versatile bait from Shimano!