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Building on the successful platform of the Fish Cat 4 LCS, the Deluxe version incorporates an inflatable seat and backrest for greater comfort and compact storage.

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What is this?

Float tube fishing is getting more and more popular in many places in Europe and it's not hard to see why. First of all, they unlock many possibilities for anglers to fish in waters where you'd never be able to fish from a boat due to lack of boat launches, boat/engine restrictments, distant locations etcetera. Other waters may be hard to fish effectively from the shore due to too much vegetation or shallow water close to the shore. Float tubes are also very easy to carry and launch and don't require much space at all for storing at home. As a nice bonus, they are also a very good environmental friendly choice as they don't require any fuel.

Traditionally, float tube fishing has been associated with fly fishing but as a matter of fact, float tubes are a just as handy for the spin angler. Pontus Sjölund from tried float tube fishing for the first time in 2014 and have since then done a big part of his pike and perch fishing from a Fish Cat 4 float tube, both spin and fly fishing.

What he likes most about float tube fishing is how easy it is to make short fishing trips before/after work or other in situations when you don't have too much time, and the feeling of being really close to the nature, the water and the fish.

Click here to see a pike fly fishing video from float tubes:

Click here to see a brown trout fly fishing film from float tubes:

In our opinion, the Fish Cat 4 LCS Deluxe Float Tube is probably one of the best and most versatile float tubes available on the market. It's designed with the seat above the water level to keep anglers warmer and drier. This also properly positions the angler for a more effective fin kick, offers a better field of vision and the opportunity for longer casts. Two spacious gear pockets with beverage holders keep necessities close. There's also room for tackle boxes, rods and other gear behind the seat. Constructed using two durable vinyl airecells and a 600-denier PVC bottom that resists snags and everyday wear and tear.

To facilitate transport to and from the water, we recommend a pair of Outcast Backpack Straps that makes it possible to carry the inflated float tube on your back - just lika a backpack.

The main difference between the standard Fish Cat 4 LCS and the Deluxe version, except the color, is that the seat and backrest is inflatable on the Deluxe version which makes it even smaller and easier to transport and store at home when deflated. The standard Fish Cat 4 LCS has comfortable seat and backrest made from foam.

Lenght/width: 137 x 112 cm
Tube diameter: 31 cm
Weight: 6,35 kg
Load capacity: 125 kg

If you have any questions about the Fish Cat 4 or float tube fishing in general, send an email to and he will try to answer your questions.

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