Crayfish Immitation Bundle (Creaturebaits)

  • Spro Jig Head 3/0, 14gr 3-pack (ord. pris: £2.85)
  • Owner Ultra Jig Head, 2/0, 8gr (ord. pris: £4.31)
  • Finesse Filet Craw 10cm 3-pack June Bug (ord. pris: £5.05)
  • Creature Cray - Black/Red - 6-pack (ord. pris: £5.05)
  • Hourra Craw 7,5cm 10-pack Shrimp (ord. pris: £3.58)
  • Monkey Craw - Raw Black 8-pack (ord. pris: £5.05)
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Secret weapon when the perch are not very active! Also fits perfecly in deeper lakes where the perch feed on Crayfish.

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Den här bundle inkluderar:

1 Pack of Finesse Filet Craw 10cm, 8gr - June Bug (3-pack)

1 Pack of Hourra Craw 7,5cm, 4,15gr - Shrimp (10-pack)

1 Pack of Creature Cray 9cm, 9gr - Black and Red (6-pack)

1 Pack of Monkey Craw - Forest Gold (8-pack)

1 Pack of Owner Ultra Jig Head, 2/0 (5-pack)

1 Pack of Spro Jig Head 3/0, 14gr (3-pack)

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