Golden Catch Area Carbon Håv

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  • Folding design
  • Graphite head profile
  • Telescopic handle
  • Transport length only 54cm
  • Non-traumatic silicone mesh that does not tangle hooks
  • Landing net size: 50x40x30
  • Length: 250 cm

The Area Carbon landing net stands out with unprecedented functionality, lightness and minimal transport dimensions. The head profile and handle are made of graphite. The handle deserves special attention, because with a length of 2m, it can be reduced to 54cm during transportation. This is achieved through a telescopic five-piece design. The landing net is equipped with a soft EVA handle, which provides additional ergonomics. The handle has a built-in magnet with a carabiner, which allows you to attach the net to the equipment and, if necessary, to instantly prepare the folded landing net for the working position.

The collapsible head assembly allows for instant folding and unfolding of the receiving net, thanks to which the frame is parallel to the handle when folded. The silicone mesh does not injure the fish and practically prevents hook entanglement. Area Carbon is an indispensable attribute for all types of inshore spinning competitions, be it trout tournaments, battles and predator fishing championships - wherever efficiency and mobility are of great importance. It is also great for inshore fishing with long passes over rough terrain as it can be quickly adjusted and when folded it does not catch on coastal vegetation.

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